Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Savannah on Film

I went to Savannah with Rhiannon in February to celebrate our friend Caila's birthday and holy shit is that city awesome. We only stayed for a long weekend, but I kept on saying the whole time that I felt like I was dreaming.
Not to mention our buddy is pretty much an unofficial ambassador of everything cool in Savannah, so she took us to all the things worth checking out. I feel like Stefan from SNL when I say that this city has everything: gutter punks, pretty moss trees, graveyards, old shit, victorian architecture, cool taxidermy, flea markets, streets beers, Jameson slushies, weird art vans, and second hand art supply stores.

I love the idea of only bring film cameras when I go away somewhere. It makes that thrill of getting film developed even more exciting, because it has all these great trip memories on it that you almost forgot about.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Using my Own Art to Make More Art

This was a very coffee fueled and meta project that was randomly brought upon when I got bored editing photos of buttons. Soundtrack included "Supermodel" by Jill Sobule.

Some of these don't even look like me, especially the one that are right-side-up. Don't want to say too much more on these and let them be their own entity....


Eye Brooch // Shirt

Monday, July 25, 2016


This last photo might be a failed attempt to "not take myself too seriously". Not sure if that translates, or if I just look stupid. Anyway, I've grown to love shorts (with my annoying east coast accent its "showts"). Not to mention these are in my favorite shade of throw up. I've been told I have weird taste in colors, good thing I picked a career where half the work is with colors, amirite?

I was one of those gothy kids who always wore long black pants in the summer and it drove my mother crazy. I was committed to a ~look~, ya'll know how it is. But now, shorts are my fave go to in the summer, especially now that I'm a self proclaimed "bike bitch".

Anyway, happy Monday! I'm wearing my Hypno Flower Power brooch (limited edition!) that's new in my shop, and patch is by Tuesday Bassen.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gratuitous Pictures of my Brother's Cute Dog

Title of this post pretty much says it all. Last week I had to pleasure of babysitting London, who i call my furry nephew. Maybe I'm playing favorites, but sometime I feel like this dog can read my thoughts, and that he's not a dog but a very short and fluffy human. But I have the snaking suspicion that everyone feels that way about their family dog.

 Right after this photo as taken, he processed to rub his face all over my ~groovy~ rug. At least is wasn't his butt.

He needs a haircut, but his furriness is so cute. Look at dat beard and those furry feeeeet!


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gothy Tennis Outfit

I kind of tend to wear outfits related to physical activities that I never partake in. Hence, my gothy tennis outfit. I went to a friend apartment for dinner the day I took these, and my buddy said I looked like a goth tennis player before I said anything. So there ya go.
I think for the past decade, when I'm looking at shirts in a second hand shop, I can't help but look for Fred Perry shirts. This habit started in my late teens when I loved the British appeal of that brand and didn't want to shell out $100 for a top. So I started scouring thrift stores for one and the habit kinda stuck, even when I wouldn't be looking consciously. About two weeks ago in a tiny second hand store in Jersey City (not Another Mans Treasure, another one I forget the name of) I found this gem. Search over? Mission accomplished? Sure.

I rediscovered my old checkered vans in my trunk I keep in my bedroom, where you may also find some interesting "belts" that I wore when I was fucking punk rock, man, and some other fun accessories... That trunk is basically where punk goes to die. But these vans were saved, because ya know what, they are comfy! And I still kinda like them. It's weird, because I don't think I would buy a new pair today. There's something with the age attached to them that makes me like them, more than the style of the shoe itself. I feel like I'm wearing some kinda relic.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Photo Diary// Color Therapy

Hi! So I've been really into super saturated colors lately. We also recently painted the living room a cranberry red, and I'm excited to share a few photos!

It has a bit of a more pinkish hue IRL, these look super red. I DIYed the key holder with some screw in hooks.

I still think my purple bedroom is my favorite room in the house.

We were so close to running out of paint when we did the living room, but I made sure this textured wall got the most coverage because its my favey fave.

I just planted these when I snapped this but now they're SPROUTING! I have a black thumb, so this is huuuuuuge for me. HUGE! Someone needs to stop me from becoming drunk with power and planting a bunch of more shit and then spiraling outta control, just because I managed to get a few sprouts that I'm way too excited about it.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

An Ode To: Bike Shorts

Guys. I have no idea why it took me so long to know the magic of shorts under dresses. But my life in chaaaaanged! As an avid dress and skirt wearer, who walks every where, shit riding up is an issue. But now I have my new friend bike shorts that has everything covered (literally) for me. And also, I kinda like how they look peeking out, its give the outfit a sporty touch, for someone is definitely NOT Sporty. I was Baby when we played Spice Girls, thank you very much. 
But now I feel like I would totally pick Scary Spice.

Sidenote: I know when I said I was gonna stop listing where I got my pieces in outfits because my blog doesn't wanna shout at you to buy shit you don't need HOWEVER, as an indie designer myself, I feel it's important to list where I got something if it's made by an independent artist/small brand. I would want the same recognition if I saw my stuff in a blog post. So, My wreath patch is from Stay Home Club, Skull patch from Explorers Press, and my vintage Bitch pin from Titty Bats. (which is no longer available, but they have so much other rad things). I unfortunately forgot where I got my chainsaw pin. I did buy it at the Renegade craft fair a while back. If you know the maker, let me know in the comments!

Another sidenote: this back patch arrangement is my favorite ever ever ever. I feel like I won the Patch Game.